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Umbrella, boot and coat!

January 31, 2013

This year, we have a special winter.

This daily umbrella in our hand decorated our environment.

People are in their little world under their umbrella.

People don’t trust the weather, but only their umbrella boot and coat.

We choose coat, to make a harmony with our umbrella and boot.

We wear indoor and outdoor boot for multipurpose

In the streets, we really look like Anglo-Saxon this due by the weather and umbrellas.

In the streets, we feel safe, while walking with our umbrellas, boots or coat.

The weather, so wet this year, umbrellas, boots, and coats integrate our lifestyle.

The umbrella like Uma Thurman bowler protects our head like a sunflower.

All great places, similar to great plantations filled with “flower boot feet”

All of us are very close to our umbrellas, boots and coat as they are helpful.

All of us, “perform” well in the streets with our lovely Umbrellas boots and coats.


Aime Nzouzi.


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