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The web might turn blue

February 5, 2013

There is in the world of internet an URL,who has the power. That platform who has given a color dominant color, which is white and blue. Each monitor has a stain of blue. The web is now wealthy,since that white and blue color is spreading in the web.There is many nice screen online. Why do people seem to be focus on that blue website online? The blue web has invaded also cybercaf© and library computers.
Most of discussions lead online,are done on the Blue website. That blue web which stimulate dialogue online,brought excitement and facilitate interaction online. Family or friends pictures seem impressive with his magic blue color. Many young has a kind of pleasure of tagging their image in the popular site. Using those magic games . Internet is from now on like the blue planet, this due by a virtual rough. For many surfers that colors bring `what we call, affection, and harmony between human. The pattern of the website, give power to our pics. Many young stay on their chair for long hours, because they have many activities on that weblink  which mesmerise them.They are now more interested to follow daily news, this stimulate by the Blue Website.

The blue web page will replace in a future windows, or other software?  We can’t really answer at this time that question. But the Blue website is used for deferent purposes: create a list of favorite music,or contact that you can listen or follow,make a note on it, or direct you to good website to look films. So, it simplify our activity, when we are in front of our computer.
The Blue website is now a real strength of communication and engagement tool. It  is also used to show our knowledge or talent online. Many young or group, use it to be in contact with other member of the group. They send each other messages in the blue rough and meet somewhere in the city to militate. Artist use the blue space to promote themselves or their works. They think, her fan find easily their work on the Blue popular website,whick is FACEBOOK.   

Aime Nzouzi.




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