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Would same sex marriage will decrease discrimination?

February 14, 2013

The marriage has always been something symbolic. During several years, this union has always been made between two deferent sexes. This last decade, many countries legalise same sex marriage. That decision left many people pessimist about the contribution of gay marriage to society. Many town halls, churches will celebrate Gay marriage. Which novelty, that fact will bring in our lifestyle.
The marriage which is a great step in someone’s life can mean many things to us, our family and our surrounding. When a young man decide to marry someone, who is deferent to his parent choice, that act represent a great signal. This means that this young wasn’t influenced by other subjects. He makes a choice which is deferent to his family even to his friends. He chooses to marry someone who has the same sex with him.
Actually, there’s still not too many gay marriage couples. When there will be many celebration, a kind of debate will arise. Same sex couple will be considering like they don’t favour the regeneration of society or the diversity of races. Gay couples will feel concern, they will turn back toward clinics of artificial insemination to get child. Many of them will request a deferent race of donor. So, they will have children of deferent colour. Some couples will go far, they will dare to negotiate, with girls lesbians, to get a child naturally, as straight couples will consider them as weak ,and not able to make a baby naturally. That deal will be popular as many gay men have a girl as a close friend.
The notion, of races will be marginalize, people would not to go to Africa, example to adopt a child or marry a black girl. They will go to the nearest clinic or request a black or Arabic donor by correspondence. So gay couples or heterosexual ones will easily choose a black or a white Baby. Things will go quick especially in developed countries. Debate like integration will lose his sense as many couples will have mix children. Having a black or a white baby will be like having a black bag or like we wear a black or white coat in winter. In about a century, racism will completely disappear. Many rich families or royal families will go example in a modest or poor area request a donor in a clinic to have a child. It will be a kind of modern positive discrimination. The sense of belonging to a family will change. New laws about families or orphans will be invented.
With the blooming of deferent types of family, we will assist to the emergence of two deferent kind of flow. The flow which sustains masculine couples and the flow which is for feminine couples. Those couples who will prefer to have a child with deferent sex than themselves and their children will also chose something deferent to their parents.

Aime nzouzi.


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