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Play with words.

April 12, 2014

Play with words they like to be handle by humans.

Play with words they just love the usage of humans.

Quote them freely.

Launch them happily.

They flow like water when you know their nature.

They can be use as quiz as they like to be use in the right contexte.

They are friendly, be familiar with them they can be domesticate.

Use them as compagnon, on your way as they will sustain you.

Use them as cheering as they will console you.

In singing we can swing with words they are knights.

In writing we can sail with words they are paddles.

In listening we can follow words and have fun together.

In reading you can travel with words and discover new horizons.

Play with words they are friends.

Play with words they are delight.

Aime Nzouzi.


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