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Title in poetry.

April 23, 2014

It can be exciting to find a title in poetry.

It can sometimes be in your mind but take real time to materialize as a real title.

It is sometimes like a view which come up in your head, but ignore how to call it in poetry.

It is like a way covered with shadow which leads to the light where is the title.

It can be a noun which express an image which sum up your idea in poetry.

It can be a word which cross your mind often, and make it a title.

The title is the product of all your idea linked in one word.

The title is the point where verses and his composant get thd chutle.

Thee title is often strong.

it’s express an idea in it’s gangue.

it can be inspired by a sound which brings ideas.

It can be time or period of time which real ideas.

it can name object whichreally talk.

TT can be a part of your life.

Aime Nzouzi


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