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Feeling like rock as Russian.

May 28, 2014

I Wake up in a morning,

I feel that my pectorals are strong.

My abs are rigid.

My legs are thick like gourd.

I feel different.

I’m feeling like a rock as Russian.

At six Am, I’m thirty minutes later I jump out.

Outside i wear a short and tee short.

My bones are strong like baseball bat.

My calves are round and big like bottle.

My feet in their shoes ready for a battle.

I’m like rock as Russian.

At home,I’m very handy,

I feel bored doing nothin.

I like being rocky.

I’m feeling rock like Russian.

During the day I’m like a rock,

I eat quickly food like Rassolnik.

I don’t nible, I’m a rock.

I’m always ready for work like moujik.

I’m like rock as Rusian.

Feeling stone as Russian.

In winter in a short and vest I work without worry.

I’m feeling like rock as Russian.

I like wearing Ouchanka(hat) in winter,

I like feeling like eskimo in that weather.

I have a passion of hot drink like Russian drink Vodka.

I like hot drinks like those minors in Russia.

I don’t waste time talking.

I prefer to be discover in action like acting.

No foolish talk,

I’am a rock.

I’m feeling rock like Russian.

Feeling stone as Russian.

I feel like rock like Russian.

I’m feeling rock as Russian.


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