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Close to words.

Close to words..


Close to words.

You like words.
They are your friends.

You breath words
You like their company.

You live with words.
They are your family.

You use words properly.
You master them.

You pronounce words well.
You accustom to them.

you launch words.
You like playing with them.

You react to words.
You feel them.

You talk about words.
You appreciate them.

Supporting kids in reading.

There’s a way to make a child happy.

That way is to sustain him in the adventure of reading.

Children considere and enjoy that hobby.

Reading together with them, they find it rewarding.

Leave them read first they will find their personnality.

Make the reading salty.

Repeat and mime his words

They will integrate the word.

Make them,say something about the text when they want.

They see sometimes better than adults.

They can sometimes play with the text as they want.

They can possess characters like adults.

They are close with the text.

They really live the text.

Repeating in poetry.

It’s a way of insisting in opinion.

It’s a way of creating Rhymes.

It’s a way of showing your concern on something.

It’s a way of showing your concern on something.

It’s a way of sensibilize people.

It’s a way of talking with different temperament.

It’s a way of saying yes.

It’s a way of familiarise with something.

It’s a way of showing your affection to someone.

it’s a way of clarifying a statement.

It’s a way to be clear.

Aime Nzouzi.


Trying it’s an invasion.

Trying it’s a step to a passion.

Trying it’s an action.

Trying it’s deciding to do something.

Tying it’s a step toward progress.

Trying is engaging on a kind of training.

Trying is not a sign of laziness.

Trying it’s q method of learning.

Trying it’s a way of working.

Aime Nzouzi.




I often wave in my verses when I write.

I often find my ideas, floating in my mind before being wrote.

Sentences often make a lot of tower in my mind before printed.

I often have many ideas crossing my mind before putting them in logical order of writing.

Some words seem in my head already printed.

I have different scenarios in my head which are interesting for my writing.

Defferent titles create an imbroglio in my head like a book waiting to be printed.

I feel my head like a bottle filled with different “card of word”.

My head is at first empty before come the “rain of word”.

I often view some of my verses before to be etched on the paper.

I write my idea quickly while I’m waving on the paper.