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Feeling like rock as Russian.

Feeling like rock as Russian..


Feeling like rock as Russian.

I Wake up in a morning,

I feel that my pectorals are strong.

My abs are rigid.

My legs are thick like gourd.

I feel different.

I’m feeling like a rock as Russian.

At six Am, I’m thirty minutes later I jump out.

Outside i wear a short and tee short.

My bones are strong like baseball bat.

My calves are round and big like bottle.

My feet in their shoes ready for a battle.

I’m like rock as Russian.

At home,I’m very handy,

I feel bored doing nothin.

I like being rocky.

I’m feeling rock like Russian.

During the day I’m like a rock,

I eat quickly food like Rassolnik.

I don’t nible, I’m a rock.

I’m always ready for work like moujik.

I’m like rock as Rusian.

Feeling stone as Russian.

In winter in a short and vest I work without worry.

I’m feeling like rock as Russian.

I like wearing Ouchanka(hat) in winter,

I like feeling like eskimo in that weather.

I have a passion of hot drink like Russian drink Vodka.

I like hot drinks like those minors in Russia.

I don’t waste time talking.

I prefer to be discover in action like acting.

No foolish talk,

I’am a rock.

I’m feeling rock like Russian.

Feeling stone as Russian.

I feel like rock like Russian.

I’m feeling rock as Russian.

Shirtless!(summer poem).

You turned your shirt to a scarf which just come from your chest.
Your chest play his role while you keep it out as a feast.
You do like walking with your shirt on your hand.
You do behave like in a fashionland.
Being shirtless is exciting!
Being shirtless is powerfull.
Being shirtless really make you look as a sweet thing.
Being shirtless is a way to be joyful.
Shirtless to enjoy the weather.
Shirtless to be a teaser.
Shirtless to feel better.
Wait for your friend in a pool shirtless.
Wait for your partner in a park shirtless.
Walk on a street shirtless.
Sail to the open sea shirtless.

Sing words.

Sing words..

Sing words.

Sing words, they are fruits of spirit.

They show that we are healthy in body and mind.

Sing words they are there to console our daily life.

Launch words like sound they will accompagny you all day.

Sing words, they will express your feeling and gestures at the right time.

Cheers words with joyful sounds.

They will make that we enjoy our day.

Sing words with enthusiasm which come up from your mouth.

That’s really a good past time.

Sing words as they are a strengh of our personality.

They make us shine and breath life toward others.

Sing words they help us to forget our daily routine.

Sing words, strongly they will transform your sadness in joy.

Sing loudly your words . They are the expression of your daily mood.

Word “food “.

Word "food "..

Word “food “.

You feed my brain

You feed my head.

I feel relax.

You fill my mouth.

You improve my speech.

I feel knowlegeable.

You are good used as intro in parties.

We have an idea about the event.

You can be use as entertaining tool.

You make us laugh .

You can be use as a support during a psycho process.

You can hypnothise us.

You relax nerves.

you can make us sleep and transport in another world.

You can inspire us.

You can help us to write story.

You can help our memory.

You can help us to remind events and times.